Savagery 110 - SVG (scalable vector graphics)

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ZIPPED SVG XML output from above example (900KB)

PNG bitmap made from the SVG output from above example (using CorelDrawX3 + Corel PhotoPaintX3):

As a manual, the Agony150 manual serves quite well, as Savagery is almost identical.

the program itself does not produce the picture as such. When you save a picture from Savagery it saves an SVG file (hence SaVaGery :). This file is an XML document (just text - feel free to open it in notepad and have a look at how it defines stuff :) that can then be opened with a program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The picture then can be manipulated in ways that a straight bitmap from Agony, for example, cannot.
The way I create the PNG files is to drag the SVG into Corel Draw, CTRL-A to select all, CTRL-C to copy, then go to Corel Photopaint and make a new picture from the clipboard. Then Corel Photo-paint will render the stuff in the clipboard into a new picture which you can then save. It is a bit strange but I don't think that Corel Photopaint opens SVG files, so you have to go through this circuitous route via Corel Draw.
You can also view SVG files in Internet Explorer if you download a plugin from Adobe that then renders the vector into the browser window. But this doesn't work at such nice resolution and is a bit more restricted than playing with it in Corel Draw.

Savagery is written with Borland Delphi and developed on and for Microsoft Windows XP.
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